Sunday, April 24, 2022

Song: Step By Step (Album: Vol. 2)


Finishing off Volume 2 of Maxie Kinney's Music Collection, "Step By Step" is the perfect song to culminate this heartfelt journey with the country-folk Americana feel that rings true to her heart.

Giving credit and glory to Jesus Christ for making a way for us and setting us free, Inge Goodson puts wonderful words on a lovely melody created by Maxie Kinney -- this talented musical duo work together to create this classic Christian song that is one of their favorites; Inge sings this powerful and compelling song that shows her talented vocal range and sincere professional style. Spike Jones infused his quality touch with his production and guitar work. The unique and fitting artwork was created by Maxie.

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Saturday, April 2, 2022

Song: Gambling for Gold (Album: Vol. 2)


This is an interesting story Maxie tells us through song, based on the inspiration of her great-grandfather who lived in Mississippi and happened to be a gambler; he died of tuberculosis; Maxie explains "What I knew of his story I wanted to put in a song."

With some interesting details filled in and changed, "Gambling for Gold" tells a tale of Americana, the Old West variety, with guns a-blazing, gambling, and gold -- remember, there was Annie Oakley. In this version, Spike Jones helped with the production (incl. guitar) and Inge Goodson sang back-up in another quality and fun effort from this familiar ensemble of talented musicians and songwriters. Recorded in the early 90s. The fitting song art was created by Maxie Kinney.

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Saturday, March 19, 2022

Song: Captain Hook (Album: Vol. 2)


The early 90s was a prolific time of creativity for Maxie and her sister Inge Goodson, as this was when the dynamic musical pair was living in Tennessee and pitching their songs to producers in hopes of catching their ears to promote the next big hit. The unique and catchy tune Captain Hook tickled many ears and had some bites, yet never did get the big bite it deserved. The good part is the tune is preserved as it was intended, a short and sweet melody telling a woeful story many people can relate to, heartbreak in a romantic relationship. Maxie wrote the melody and sang backup vocals while Inge wrote the lyrics and sang lead in one of their best efforts. The talented Spike Jones produced the song and Maxie created the cover art in this inspiring team effort.

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Saturday, February 12, 2022

Song: I'm Coming Home (Album: Vol. 2)


The theme of coming home continues, as Maxie shares another classic song from the 90s that happens to relate well to the trucker's protest in Canada and around the world. While truckers and freedom lovers around the world are currently fighting for the rights of regular citizens from tyrannical rulers, they also want to say "I'm Coming Home" to their communities and loved ones when their protest is over and their cause is victorious -- we pray for this outcome. 

The talented Jimmy Crokett sang and produced this version of a tune shared by "Guitar Picken Man"; Jimmy also sang and produced "Life Comes Life Goes", both can be found in Volume 2 of Maxie's music. The song picture was created by Maxie recently.

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Monday, January 10, 2022

Song: Forever You and I (Album: Vol. 2)


If you are looking for a great love song from the 90s, you can't go wrong with "Forever You and I" written by Maxie in 1992. This smooth love song blends the country and pop sounds of the 80s and 90s into an uplifting song that will make your heart leap and face smile. 

The talented Spike Jones sang and produced this duet with Maxie, which happened to be the favorite song of her mom, the late Maxine Bex. The picture was created by Maxie to bring the song to life in our loving imaginations.

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