Song: Small Town Blues (Album: Vol. 3)


"Small Town Blues" is one of the most famous of Maxie's songs, co-written by her sister and music partner Inge Goodson. One of the following versions ("Alabama Blue") of this song was sold to a recording producer, which was co-written by 2 other writers and cut by a few different artists -- giving Maxie 33% of recording rights and a few royalty checks over the years; yet for true fans of Maxie and Inge's music, this version and the second "Country Blue" are the best.

This song tells the sorrowful tale of a young, small-town couple broken up by the allure of the big city life; the boyfriend next door whom she grew up with and planned to be married to decided to leave the small town to live in the big city, leaving his childhood sweetheart with a broken heart in a small town -- giving her a bad case of small-town blues. The melody and vocal expression helps us feel the woeful pain this broken-hearted girl is going through -- the mark of a genuine singer/songwriter.

This song and recording were created around the mid-1980s; the talented Spike Jones produced it. Inge Goodson is singing lead vocals while Maxie sings backup in an exceptional performance. The video was created by Maxie, and the picture is of Maxie in the early 1980s when she was in her early 20s.

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