Saturday, April 17, 2021

Song: Out West in Oregon (Album: Vol. 1)

The journey of an artist is a unique path of ups and downs, questions and answers, expressed through art. In this case, Maxie writes a song about missing her home state of Oregon, specifically Central and Eastern Oregon. Her music journey took her all the way to Nashville, Tennessee, in part to write this song, which ended up being a prelude to a future move back to Oregon years later.

In this heartfelt song from the early 90s, Maxie is singing backup while her sister Inge is singing lead with a song that touched both their native Oregonian hearts. Although the Bex sisters left Oregon together to move to Tennessee, Inge decided to stay and still remains there, while Maxie is back in Oregon living close to where horses still run wild. The talented musical duo still works together in plotting their musical journeys to this day.

Maxie: "Out West...I wrote in Tennessee cause I was homesick so bad. I remember playing it at a writers night and someone made the comment, why are you wasting your talent writing about Oregon, I just smiled and said because it came from my heart and that's what I do, I write from my heart:)"

This song was produced by Max T Barnes in Nashville, TN.

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Saturday, April 3, 2021

Song: When the Coyotes Howl (Album: Vol.1)


Written around 2005 from the roof of her humble abode in rural, high desert Eastern Oregon where the coyotes are known to howl, Maxie gives us another great western tune about nature, memories, and remembering those we love. Maxie's sister and music partner Inge is singing lead with Maxie singing harmony.

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