Songwriting saved my sanity and gave me a purpose and a dream. I played music in a band for over 10 years before I decided to pack up and go to Nashville Tennessee in 1988. It was a leap of faith and I was scared to death. I was worried about dragging my family away from their home. My sister Inge joined my band, she played bass guitar and sang and would become a big part of my journey.

   We both decided to go to Nashville, so we packed up and pulled a trailer that read Nashville bound. Nashville was so exciting for us small-town girls, and intimidating! We took our guitars and walked the streets of Nashville hoping someone would open the doors for us. We had our portfolio and music ready. We were ready to become stars. I wish it were that easy, we found out that no doors were going to open and let us in. We would have to work for it and we worked really hard.

  Through my web page I would like to tell you all the stories and the hardships we endured, the wonderful people I met, famous and not. Please stay tuned there is so much more to come.

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  1. May God bless your musical journey and soul always.

    1. Thank you Robbie, God has blessed me with you in my life and I am blessed to have a talent that I can share, hopefully make a difference in this life.

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    1. Hi Eugenia thank you for visiting my site I know I am a little late with my reply no excuses . I am glad to see you visited my site take care and God Bless


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