Song: Loves Sweet Kiss (Album: Vol. 3)

Getting everything you thought you wanted in life may not be worth the price it took to get there. That is partly the message found in this smooth love song tinged with heartbreaking regrets about a former lover lost in the hustle.

The meaningful messages and catchy tunes continue with a classic song written and produced in the late 1980s. Maxie Kinney wrote the song and lyrics while singing backup to her sister and music partner Inge Goodson on lead vocals; the talented Spike Jones produced the song at his studio. Maxie created the cover art recently.

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  1. This has been one of my most heart felt songs I have wrote, the price we pay for the material things and sometimes even our dreams are at a cost .I have learned is not worth giving up the most precious thing in life, love which cannot be bought or sold. So be grateful for what God has given you and make sure to not take love for granted give a hug ,give a smile, take what you have and let it blossom into a wonderful beautiful meaningful life with lots of love around you !


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