Song: Come on Home (Album: Vol. 2)

                                                    The late Maxine Bex (Maxie's mother)
b.1924 to 1999

Here is a powerful song that tempts the listener to shed a tear, as it touches on the sad goodbyes we all have to face in this temporary existence to those we love; this uplifting song also touches on trusting in Jesus when He calls us home and how important it is to love our family and friends like there is no guarantee of tomorrow.

Maxie wrote this song after experiencing her own mother passing away in 1999, Maxine Bex; Maxie was living in Tennessee for the second time after coming back home to Oregon in the early 90s until around 1998. Not long after her close and loving mother went to be with the Lord, Maxie moved back to Oregon the second time and has been here since.

Jim Sales did a great job in producing and singing "Come on Home" as Maxie wrote it. The picture is one of a joyful Maxine Bex enjoying a nice sunny day in Central Oregon with family, a good representation of her natural character. Bless her soul, she is well remembered.

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